This is a teaser of my upcoming conceptalbum and also was a commissioned work for the Duisburg Philharmonic's "Pulse Of The Planet" experienceconcert.

Image Courtesy of NASA


This is my rescore (and sounddesign) for this wonderful movie. It was made for a german "filmscore" competition not worth mentioning anymore.

With kindly permission from director Anthony Voisin.
It was made by Zakaria BOUMEDIANE, Anthony VOISIN, Fabien FELICITE-ZULMA.

I did the narrative concept, composed, recorded and produced everything you can hear !

Soprano: Mareike Lennert
Theo: Ekaterina Panteleeva
Lana: Evgenia Muravyeva


This is a teaser of my upcoming conceptalbum and also was a commissioned work for the Duisburg Philharmonic's "Pulse Of The Planet" experienceconcert.

I used some vintage analog Synthesizers and blended them with other electronic and orchestral colours.

Brass Heavy !

Image Courtesy of NASA

With kindly permission from VOVOX. This was my entry for the "Make The Score" Competition.

No Samples. No Synthesizers. Everything you hear was recorded and played by myself. Intense use of studioeffects and soundmanipulation.

Only the voice you hear isn't mine, it's Mareike Lennert, a Soprano from my college of music.

The idea was to tell a story with music & sound, but in a way the viewer still has enough room for his / her own imagination what is going on inside the person's head.

Instruments include Steeldrum, HAPI Drum, Electric Guitar, Wineglasses, Violin, Voice and others.

This animation was the made by Head Of Event in collaboration with Prof. Lobeck of the AMD College for Fashion and Design Düsseldorf.

It was the opener for the EXIT.13 Fashionshow
and took place in the Mitsubishi Electric Hall Düsseldorf.

The animation was done to my prior finished music which includes synthesizers as well as
some postprocessed acoustic sources.

The original music for the shortmovie
When Silence Becomes A Problem
of friendly director Martn Demmer.

I composed and produced the score.
Together with Marlon Jarek, friendly cellist and drummer, we recorded a lot of parts by overdubbing to create the spatial sound.

Only one cello was used for the whole score - Nothing else !

Two scenes from the 30 minute movie
"Plane To The Next Busstop" by Kasia Zawadowicz
for which i did the score.

Starring polish actress Olga Frycz.

It was selected for filmfestivals including Camerimage, Rhode Island, Cannes Shortfilm Corner & Gdynia Filmfestival.

With kindly permission from director Felix Gönnert.
This is an excerpt from our nominated work for the Soundtrack_Cologne 9.0.

I did the score and friendly sounddesigner
Andrew Mottl did the sounddesign
as well as the final mix of the movie.

You can watch the original movie at

Some excerpts from my music for the audiobook Marvin's Night by Wencke Neumann and Heiko Sachs.

It was accompanied by a comic. The picture above is an original illustration.

My first album

City At Night

It features a lot of filmscore like music.

Atmospheric, driving, modern.